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Invest In & Be Yourself!

We are locally owned & believe that success & earnings are unlimited.  There are lots 

of opportunities in the real estate world to spend way too much money with NO ROI.

We at are committed to guiding our agents on what works & what doesn’t so that you

keep more of what you earn and are not spending money on what doesn’t work.

We are committed to being a real estate brokerage that does things a little differently.

After all, this is New Orleans. We are different. We offer our agents opportunity to grow

their own businesses.  We offer industry-leading marketing programs, experienced

leadership, training and the tools and technology for agents who want to reach their goals.


As a solo broker, the Pintat Brand is out there selling over $7.4 million in 2018!

Being a realtor is an extremely rewarding career and about building



If  you have a desire to commit to the goal of unlimited earnings,

have customer service skills or if you are an experienced realtor wanting

to keep more of what you earn consider Pintat Realty. 


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